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A61partner - Shopware

What is Shopware and how does Shopware help me build my own online shop?

Shopware is an e-commerce shop system based in Germany that allows merchants to create their own online shop in a relatively short time. Shopware is cloud-based and one of the largest providers worldwide. Shopware was founded in 2003 and is continuously developed further. It is suitable for both large retailers and beginners.

Is Shopware free of charge?

Shopware offers its services with different licence models. The Shopware Community Edition is free of charge and is aimed at small online shops or to get an initial impression of the software. Shopware is also able to offer shops for international and very large online retailers. The prices for this are available on request, as such shops are individually adapted to the individual customer.

Is my online shop suitable for Shopware?

From start-ups and small businesses to international corporations, anyone can create their own e-commerce shop with Shopware. It doesn't matter what you want to sell in your shop.

What advantages does Shopware offer over other e-commerce shop providers?

Shopware places a lot of emphasis on intuitive yet appealing design. You can choose from over 1,500 free and paid designs. In addition, setting up and managing your shop is child's play. Shopware has a huge community that will help you with almost all your questions. Furthermore, Shopware offers you a high degree of flexibility with its licensing system.

Use Shopware and sell your products

With A61Partner as your partner for dropshipping and print-on-demand from Germany you can sell your own products. Choose from our product range the products that suit you and your brand best. Then you can refine them with your personal designs. Save costs and reduce risks with A61Partner as your reliable partner.

How to link Shopware with your A61Partner dashboard

1. Establish a connection between the A61Partner dashboard and your Shopware shop.

Use the registration form and then set up your personal profile in the A61Partner dashboard.

2. use your personal designs and refine your products

Whether jumper, T-shirt or polo shirt. With us you can choose from a large number of products. You are always in control and can decide for yourself in which variations you would like to offer your products. Choose between different colour and size options. You have full cost control and can set your own sales prices at any time.

3. link the A61Partner dashboard with your shopware shop.

You can synchronise the A61Partner dashboard with your Shopware shop at the touch of a button. After synchronisation you will immediately see all your products in your Shopware shop. You save on storage costs and do not have to pay for production in advance, as we are a print-on-demand provider from Germany. As a dropshipping provider, we ship your products to your customers in your name.

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