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A61partner - WooCommerce

What are the benefits of WooCommerce and what can I do with it?

WooCommerce is a simple but powerful plug-in for WordPress that allows you to sell your own products on your own website.

It offers you the option to customise your online shop and offer different products in your shop. You have the possibility to choose from a variety of WordPress layouts and to individualise your own shop.

With a market share of about 30%, WooCommerce is one of the largest providers of e-commerce shops.

What does WooCommerce cost?

The best thing about WooCommerce is that this WordPress plugin is completely free. You can start creating your own online shop without any monthly or one-time costs.

Which products can I sell with WooCommerce?

With WooCommerce, there are hardly any limits for the sale of your products. Whether physical products, digital goods or subscriptions, you can sell almost everything via WooCommerce.

What are the advantages of using WooCommerce?

As a WordPress plugin, there are a countless number of extensions. WooCommerce has a huge community that helps you with various questions.

The installation of WooCommerce is easy and the creation of your online shop does not require any programming knowledge. Furthermore, WooCommerce is constantly being further developed by countless developers and the range of functions is expanded free of charge.

Sell your products on WooCommerce

Create your print-on-demand products with us as a strong partner. In our A61Partner dashboard you have the possibility to choose from a variety of products and then refine them with your designs. With us as your dropshipping and print-on-demand partner, you reduce risks and costs to make your shop a success.

From our dashboard directly into your WooCommerce shop - How to link WooCommerce and the A61Partner dashboard

1. Link your WooCommerce shop with the A61Partner dashboard

Register for free in our A61Partner dashboard. Then you can create your own profile.

2. Create your own products and use your own designs

Choose from a variety of products and enhance them with your own designs. You can decide yourself in which colour variations and sizes the products are offered in your WooCommerce shop. The best thing about it? You can always set your own sales prices.

3. Synchronise our dashboard with your WooCommerce shop

With just one click, you can synchronise your A61Partner dashboard with your WooCommerce shop. Afterwards, all your products can be ordered via Print-on-Demand. As a dropshipping provider from Germany, we ship your products to your customers. It always looks as if you have shipped everything yourself because we ship everything in your name. 

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